Yesterday, Alien Workshop’s Bunker down video dropped and was heavily discussed in the world wide web. It was very interesting to read all the comments on this video and as opinions differ so much, we put together our list of comments we find the most interesting, unbelievable random or funny:

1. “Wait, I thought workshop was no more!?”

2. “I would go against my boycott based solely on the Ollie out of that wallride.”

3. “Faceless aliens”

4. “I am stoned as hell and still had to mute this. Amazing skateboarding though.”

5. “Good skating, but a bit too much focus on getting the nostalgic AWS feel.”

6. “Welcome back, well done!”

7. “Disgusting!”

8. “@1.29 Product placement car”

9. “Wanna make art? Don’t make a business out of it then!”

10. “Great edit. I think i lost a few hundred brain cells listening to that music for 15 minutes.”