Alex Carolino is a great fucking skater! For those of you who don’t know about Seek skateboards, it was a part of Alien Workshop, similar to Habitat.
Seek was created to give Rob Dyrdek and Josh Kalis a creative outlet. They put on two unknown skaters Flo Marfaing and Alex Carolino. Seek never came out with a video and as it folded Josh wanted both of them to move to the Workshop, that didn’t work out and both skaters moved over to Santa Cruz. In between that time both Alex and Flo came out with some seriously good skateboarding. Alex had pop style and a cool trick selection. I thought he was french for the longest time (he’s Brazilian) he was kind of a mystery to me and my friends.
He had his 15 minutes of fame and then he faded away, until I saw him at Tampa pro this year, from that moment on, more and more things started to pop up.
This week he came out with a new part it’s been a great year for people who love Alex’s skating.

Written by: Roland Hoogwater