Ladies and gentlemen we present you Toni Donau! Oops wait, his actual name is Anton Defant! Isn´t it crazy how nowadays Instagram handles tend to be more well know than real names? Lots of people know him by that name.

Why @toni_donau ? Why not. It might be because he’s living in lovely Vienna next to the Donau and his love for the water, but it might also just be the sound of it. It just sounds good. Way better than “Anton aus Tirol”. Don´t you think?

Anyway here is some footage of him skating the smooth streets of Vienna with the support of a couple of friends and his new sponsor Stil-Laden Vienna. He makes that lipslide look so easy. Enjoy!

Featuring Paul Spendiér, Sebastian Weissinger, Max Geiselbrechtinger, Louis Marschall & Raphael Krisa.

Video & text by Louis Marschall.