The work of Lucas Jankoschek a.k.a. Luci a.k.a Turtle Productions is most likely not foreign to you. It has been prominently featured on almost all mayor skateboard platforms. His previous work, “TURTLE 3” might have been his magnum opus, at least for now. So, with all that being said, where does one go from there? Back into a full length, or on a trip to Romania? They chose the latter.

Text by Roland Hoogwater.

Video by Lucas Jankoschek.

Thumbnail by Jan Federer.

So in typical Place Mag style, we asked Luci to tell us a bit about the trip, “Why Bukarest?” and “What was the city like?” and he came back to us with an answer. “We wanted to go somewhere that we had all never been to before. We also wanted to go to a place that didn’t have that much skate coverage yet.” So that answered our first part of the question, the second part got a slightly more, enticing answer:

„Please do me a favor and never come back in this neighborhood on your own, and don’t stop, keep on moving!“

Bukarest local, 2024.

After asking why this was the quote he provided us with, Luci told us they had stayed in a bad neighborhood, and from what we can tell from this quote the neighborhood might have felt the same (laughs). So, that leaves us all with the visual evidence of the trip for you to enjoy. So enjoy!


Lucas Jankoschek, Fabian Jankoschek, Raphael Krisa, Niko Hergovich, Marlene Mitterndorfer, Jan Federer, & Gabriel Schmid.