Sometimes you see something you don’t see that often. César Bijnens’ part in “Fine Go Skate With Your Stupid Friends” was one of those things. It was a pretty remarkable experience because as the part went on, our mouths opened wider and wider. This was not only because of the level of the tricks, but also because of the trick and spot selection. Being yourself is something that a lot of people never truly achieve for a multitude of reasons and even though we have never met César we can tell by his skating that he’s gotten to a place where he is who he needs to be. Still, because curiosity killed the cat we decided to ask Pierre Alexandre (more on him later) to describe the subject in front of his lens, so we can all get to know César together. Enjoy!

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.

Video by Pierre Alexandre.

César’s in the words of Pierre Alexandre. 

I met César 7 years ago during a big group skate session. He didn’t say much, but he was so good at skating. The more we filmed together, the more I got to know him. During the COVID lockdown, we were authorized to go out to do physical activity, with one other person. We had nothing else to do but search for new spots… discreet ones where we could relax. Fun fact: we both love hunting for new spots, just don’t let him lead the way because you might get lost; he has a terrible sense of direction it is funny (laughs). During the lockdown, we filmed a lot together for what would become the « Négatif » video. We ended up seeing each other nearly every day for 2 months and that brought us much closer!

César is super humble, kind, calm, and always there if you need his help. He is a bit shy but when he has a drink he might end up speaking with everyone (if he’s in the mood). He wants to skate every day and doesn’t care if it’s raining, windy, or freezing, he will always find a way to skate something, if he doesn’t skate it’s a bad day for him. It helps that he is incredibly determined, and that’s probably why he has progressed so much in the last 3 years!

“Don’t let him lead the way because you might get lost; he has a terrible sense of direction…”

Pierre Alexander

He is the most motivated skater in Brussels that’s for sure. He has a super calm demeanor, except when the trick he’s trying isn’t working the way he wants. In those moments, he can really lose it, and it often makes us laugh because we’re not used to seeing him like that. What that being said, even though he gets heated, he quickly returns to being calm. César never complains about anything, he loves all kinds of spots and will try all kinds of tricks. He can truly skate for hours on end… if he has the big breakfast (laughs). To be honest, he’s truly the perfect buddy for a skate trip… and a great friend in everyday life. 

To wrap this up, César has been riding for Silence Skateboards (a Brussels-based brand), but recently, because he’s putting out a lot of footage, he now also skates for Ride All Day Skateshop and DC Shoes. I’m really happy for him because if there’s anyone who deserves to shine in Brussels right now, it’s definitely him! Love you César!