Winter has finally landed. I am not talking about the season but the actual feeling of winter. Cold winds, slippery roads, some ice and snow are trying to convince you stay inside, turn up the heat, make yourself comfortable and surf the web for a couple of hours.
On one of these long surfs we stumbled across this article by the Village Psychic titled: We thrive on cold winters. But do we? And if so why do we have to relearn so many tricks when spring starts? Winter was never a good season for skating but it had its upsides. As children we carried our old boards over to a local icy hill and tried to snow skate down it. We kept on trying to find bigger and harder slopes until we got hurt or bored.
When we got older and started to make our own videos we tried to cope with the winter times the best way we could and in the end hiding from the cold may be uncomfortable but according to the Village Psychic it is a necessary evil that has its benefits.

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