Today the news was made public that David Bowie died as the result of a battle with cancer. This unfortunate news came just after the release of Bowie’s latest album Blackstar. This album once again saw the master of change go in a new direction, change has always been one of Bowie’s greatest talents and it is not without risk. We often see artists find their lane to success and afterwards be so afraid to change lanes and cross over into new territory. Bowie never seemed to be scared of that change and because of that he made music for the ages.

As skateboarders our music taste is often heavily influenced by the videos and parts that we watch. Some of you might have even recorded songs straight from the video part so that you could listen to it on your walkman and without a doubt Bowie was amongst those artist.
There have been some classic parts that where edited to Bowie songs. Parts were the song, the skater and the tricks seemed to reinforce and balance one another. There have been many homages to Bowie in skating, from boards to shirts but we decided to celebrate his music by gathering some classic video parts edited to Bowie songs.

Sretty Pweet – Jarc Mohnson von bringthatback

Marc Johnson’s part in Pretty Sweet (2012)

The Chocolate section in Girl Yeah Right (2003)

Bryan Herman’s part in Baker 3 (2005)

Arto Saari’s part in Flip Sorry (2002)

Unfortunately not every great Bowie part was online but if you have the video you should check out Wieger van Wageningen’s part in the Chronicles 1 video. It is amongst the greatest parts that was edited to a Bowie song.

Written by: Roland Hoogwater