Last Bright the people from De Paris came by our stand, they wanted to know what we at PLACE thought of their Yearbooks… I told them that I liked the look and feel of both projects. I personally feel good when people come by to meet you, because it changes the way we communicate you can put a face to those emails.

Last week we received a message announcing the launch of their first full length video. I just watched the video during breakfast and the project has some beautiful moments. Paris is hot shit this year and that has to do with both the city and the skaters. Kevin Rodrigues is amongst the best to come from Paris and the section of him cruising through the city of Paris is possibly the best thing Kevin put out this year. Vincent Touzery is another one that is not as well known but his skating is something to watch out for (I heard through the grapevine that Vincent is skating for Alex Olson’s Call me 917).

I don’t want to give a too detailed review because you should watch the video without preconceived notions. Having said that the music could be a bit more diverse, the filming is very atmospheric, but it does make 20 minutes feel like a long time. Paris is still known as the city of love and this project had me saying Damn! I would love to skate Paris and that is the main criteria by which I judge skate videos.

So go watch the video and judge for yourself.