I am going to the UK for the first time this week, London to be exact. I always had a thing for UK skateboarding, if you are lucky you might catch me proclaiming Blueprint’s Lost & Found as the best skateboard film I know of. I am excited to finally check out the pavements, see the people and pay the price (London does not have a reputation for being cheap).
I don’t even know if I’m taking my board with me, you might ask why? Well not every trip I go on is a skate trip, most of them are “skate related” trips. But as a skateboarder I did search for some skate videos just to get me extra hyped to go… I stumbled across Mark Jacksons Vimeo account, where two clips stood out to me. The first because of the music, the scond because it is fun. Both edits are short, but have the right length to watch!

written by: Roland Hoogwater