Hello and welcome back to your Monday version of our Place Presents series. On the menu today is Barcelona, but with a side of spotsearching. Maybe that last part is actually the main course because often we don’t value the worth of a good spot-searcher enough. “Just send me the PIN” is what one would often hear, never an “OMG could you please take me to that spot?” or a “Thank you for finding that object that I did my ender on!” Anyway, the Handycaps crew has not been lazy in the slightest, using their free time to literally dive into some of the better, lesser seen locations. This all amounted to video number 2 in the Handycaps series. Enjoy.

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.

Film, Edit & Text by Leandro Chocho.

Photos by Nahhuel Marttinez. 

The second chapter of this Barcelona-based VX project with loads of skaters from all over the world navigating the crazy and skate-friendly streets of the city. Mainly filmed and edited by its head creator, Leandro Chocho, HANDYCAPS tries to keep skateboarding real in the best way possible… skating the streets and having fun with friends!