We first saw Dudu Garcia in CECÍLIA one of our favorite releases in the Place Presents series by Mallorca’s own Esteve Femenies. To be honest, we loved his skating, and we got a lot of support from good people to make that project happen. So to see Dudu return to us for his next release called Honey Island release is a great feeling! Not to make fun of Brazillian culture but this part had us uttering “Caralho!” and “Porra!” multiple times and let’s be fair those might be the most satisfying words to say after a good trick anyway!

Anyway we love Dudu and we appreciate the work of Pancho Luchessa behind the cam recorde and on the computer and we also feel like Alexandra Alabern should get a nice S/O for her work on the photos.

Enough talk, press play and enjoy some quality skateboarding!