Today we go to Serbia. Subotica, to be exact, to skate and drink Hosu Lepeš with Danilo Pisanjuk. A young Serb, who we met through our Serbian-Croat connect Danijel “Jugga” Stankovic. Over the years this connect has delivered many things including some great cevapcici, awareness when it comes to the Vladimir Film Festival in Fazana, Croatia and now this video. THE perfect Go Skateboarding Day video, why? Read Danilo’s words to find that out yourself.

Written by Danilo Pisanjuk.

After a long time living outside of my hometown, I came back and stayed for a month. Spending that kind of time in my hometown is something that had not happened for about a decade, ever since I moved out. Coming home to a plain small town, and its slow but decent way of life was a readjustment. But I had time to rediscover old and find new skate spots that I couldn’t skate before. All this inspired me to do this video that presents to the world Subotica’s city vibes, through the environment, local music and sound, and finally the video’s name. More about the name below:

Mostly wine was drunk in the
houses. Every other house had its
own vineyard, so, “black”,
homemade wine was poured. They
drank clear, spritzer wine and the
“hosu lepeš”. Spritzer was made
exclusively with soda, which was
distributed in soda carts from
horse-drawn carriages. “A real spritzer”,
says an old waiter, is made with a jet
of soda against the very wall of the
glass, to make a vortex. When it calms
down a bit, one strong and straight jetstream
is shot at the middle of the glass
after it is served quickly. The spritzer drops
must hit your nose for it to be a spritzer.
“Hosu lepeš” is beautiful for “long
distances”. It is made like a spritzer,
but not half-half, but a third of wine
and two-thirds of soda. Translated, it
means “long step”, but it seems to
have nothing to do with walking, on
the contrary, it seems to have
something to do with spending a long time sitting down.

“Suboticas newspapers”, October 4,
Boško Krstić

*The video was first screened at the Summit of Non-Aligned skate culture festival in Belgrade as part of local video selection. For more videos from Serbia, check out Provins channel and stay tuned!