Our man Lukas Mäder from Switzerland spent a day with Guy Mariano and the rest of the Lakai team but not without getting some pics and words. Hunting down with Girl´s finest.

Guy, how are you and where are you at right now?
Good, getting ready to go on the Girl and Chocolate trip to Sac, S.F. and San Jose – a little California tour.

You still skate a lot. On tour you skated all day and gave full power at the demo. What gives skateboarding to you after all these years? What is your motivation that keeps the engine running?
Thanks, I think it’s the fact that I missed a lot of opportunities and years of skateboarding in the past. So now it’s more important to give 100% to an industry that welcomed me back after that time.

On the Lakai Voltage Tour in Switzerland we had an amazing time. The whole new team was together for the first time. What does this mean to you?
It’s nice to have a diverse group of guys. All ages, different countries, different types of skating. I’m happy to be on those kinds of tours, it helps you grow as a person and as a skater. I like to watch the younger guys do all the same stuff I did when I was young, partying all night and telling stories in the van in the morning. You can kinda relive it all over. I was really happy with the way everyone got along and skated hard, no one complained. I have been on a lot of nightmare trips and this one was by far the best.

How important is touring for you these days?
I think it’s up there with videos, ads and web content. Kids get to see you skate live, meet you and talk to you if they want and most likely take you to their local spot. Some people, when you see them skate, like Vincent and Raven, it’s always a good show.

Tell me your best memories on the Lakai tour in Europe, any stories?
On the demos, everyone got murder. Even ones that got rained out and ended up in a shitty indoors one. I think it was the range of skaters that the Lakai team has. Older guys to the future of the team, everyone really made the best out of anywhere we ended up. A funny story is the last night in France. Vince got arrested for smoking weed. We thought he would miss his flight in the morning, but he ended up making it back to the bar that night. Good times, ha!

On tour you told me you listen often to some rap music. What’s good these days?
Jay Z, Lil Wayne, Eminem.

When you’re not on tour, back home. Tell me about a normal day in your life.
Wake up, eat, workout/stretch, call some people to go to my park, skate 2 to 3 hours, have lunch, maybe go meet up with some people in the streets. Later I try to shower and be ready to have dinner and watch some TV with my lady.

What’s the best about coming home after a long tour?
I think everyone likes to get back on their routine. Even if it’s at the office. Sleep in your own bed, get a massage. Maybe go eat just with two people instead of twenty-two.

switch bluntslide

Where do you spend your non-skating days?
I go to Girl, see what’s new or I like to get massages. Go to movies, skydiving, haha, just joking. If I’m not skating I’m pretty tired and sore, so I stay home and do stuff around my house.

What’s next?
Girl/Chocolate video – it’s been kinda slow for me, hopefully I pick it up. Vince is going to kill it!

Finally, give us your Top 5.

People to travel with?
– Rick
– Mike
– Mark J
– Brandon
– Vince A

Spots in Europe?
– Macba
– Sants Spain
– Parallel Spain
– Benches Berlin
– The Spine thing in Switzerland was fun.

Favorite rappers of all time?
– 2Pac
– Biggie
– Jay Z
– Nas
– The Game

Last 5 tricks you been stoked on?
– Backtail
– Fakie flip tailslides
– Front feebles
– Backside overcrooks
– Switch 180° to 5-0