The lovely Catherine Marquis hit us up saying she had a part dropping and if we would like to support her by doing a little post about it. “Sure,” we said, “Do you want to tell the people something about this part as well?” KT did and as such here is what she had to say:

So originally, this part should have been out in 2018. I used to be on the German Olympic team for some time and they did not like me to skate street, being that I was on the Park Team. So time to film was sparse and we kinda forgot about the project. But we picked up filming for it again at the end of last year because I got kicked from the team (laughs).

My part was filmed all over Europe, but mostly in Germany, we did fly to the US to get some clips real quick. That’s where we randomly visited a Kaleidoscope museum in some old Arizona ghost town. That’s where I got the Kaleidoscope shots filming through different kaleidoscopes and logically the part has gotten its name that day we spent there „KaleidosKT“.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the part!