Today is Monday and you know what that means, no… we don’t mean the QS Monday links, it is time for a new Place Presents! This one is kinda a second get-together more than a new presentation. KERT aka Kert Hollywood seems to put out a part with us yearly, last year he did one with Tom Weimar (we need a new video TOM!), and this year he switched it up by filming one with Max Barthel. In the end, we don’t care as long as we get new Kert footage, and just switch it up they released a book as well this time! So, press play and watch or scroll down and read either way enjoy the feature.

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.
Text by Kert Hollywood.

20 years ago it was pretty normal to go out with a HI-8 cam and skate every little spot the neighborhood had to offer.

So when Maxi came around the corner with his cam last summer that vibe reappeared and we went to some of the lesser-known streets in Frankfurt a few times to film some stuff. We also ended up taking some analog photos for his publication “Straßenblume“, which will be released March 19th over at

Even though we are 10 years apart, it all came about naturally. Different generations. Various media. Time doesn’t matter.