Today we travel to the SLC better known as Salt Lake City, where Sam Greenwood puts his very own spin on skate video making. Think…Conceptual! In the end, we asked Sam to give you an intro but true to artistic form, you will have to think for yourself a little bit.

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.

Text & Video by Sam Greenwood.

“Hey Place,

Me and my buddy, Rob Scowcroft, I have been working on a video with a different format than the ones I’ve used in the past. This idea came when I moved back to Salt Lake City, Utah from Atlanta, Georgia. I was using Rob’s computer to import and edit footage as my computer and most of my things were still in Atlanta. This move felt like a bit of a new chapter for me. Rob and I then started experimenting on how we could reflect this in a skate video without drastically changing the feel of it.

When filming this video, I kept getting the feeling of deja vu, like everything was happening how it should. To create this feeling in the viewer I re-filmed some old b-roll from my previous Salt Lake City videos.

We modeled the format off of the circle of life, or the rebirth of a new self. It has three sections: life, death, and rebirth. We built the video off of the middle section (death), mirroring the rest of the footage around that. The songs also reflect this cycle, but I’ll leave it to the viewer to connect the dots (credits might have some clues).

Thank you, Place Mag. I appreciate you.”