Our colleague’s at Grey are hosting a contest together with Converse
(the Core Store Challenge).
A selected number of skate shops got their team to go out and film an edit for the contest. This in itself is nothing special, shops put out new material all the time. The reason why we are posting is because of one particular edit.
This video is set to some audio of the legendary Ghostface Killah, Ghost is heard talking over some music made by the equally legendary Teddy Pendergrass.
Ghost is not just talking, he is talking some shit on one of his protege’s Action Bronson. Bronson did an interview on ESPN in which he was talking slick, dissin Ghostface.
Ever since Only Built 4 Cuban Linx Ghost has been warning people to not copy his style and try to sound like him, so he responded with a video of his own. The guys over at Lost Art took the audio of Ghostface Killah’s video and used it for their own, the result is one of the most Hip-Hop skate edits to come out in a long time!