For all of you loyal fans, the teaming up of Place Magazine and Lousy Livin for their Capsule No 2 is no surprise at all. Between Stefan Marx, Danny Sommerfeld and Jonas Strecke lay a lot of successful Place Mag projects and collaborations. So it is only logical that they “struck while the iron was hot” and we teamed up again to bring you this fruity ass video. With Stefan & Danny both being the artists they are, we decided that talking to Jonas was the best way to get a story on paper. So, read his side of the story behind the video and the pictures shown down below.

Intro & Text by Roland Hoogwater.
Photos by Danny Sommerfeld.
Video and quotes by Jonas Strecke.

This whole thing started with Jonas Strecke getting a random call from an anonymous number, obviously, he didn’t answer, because it might be a scammer calling right? Well, it kinda was, it was Place’s own long and trusted road dog, Danny Sommerfeld:

“Uhm… Jonas, we don’t really know each other but do you want to come with me and move into a skate house in Mannheim…. Ohhh Uhhh for Lousy Livin?”

Jonas Strecke about Danny Sommerfeld

Obviously, he responded with a giant “?” but Danny explained that it was for the new capsule collection that Lousy Livin’s own Stefan Marx had just created. I (Jonas) was supposed to be the designated filmer, “And what is the plan?” Jonas asked. “Just hang out in the skate house and do our thing, we will see what happens”*

*This is what every Danny Sommerfeld brief truly comes down to.

Jonas said yes, even though he was a bit confused, but when he saw the list of skaters confusion turned into a feeling of surprise. Willow Voges Fernandes, Danny Stephen, Niklas Schaible, Mike Brauer & Paul Freihof, are skaters you can work with and really make something happen in a short time span.

In the end, they “opened” their skate house in Mannheim and Danny Sommerfeld made all of us breakfast for the full 5 days our skate crib was open for. His service really sparked the sessions and in my opinion, that is one of the main things that lead to the team getting so much footage.

*We contacted Danny Sommerfeld, he mumbled something about “breakfast being the most important meal of the day” and then declined any further comment and hung up the phone.