Not long ago we got a very nice e-mail from Ariana Mamnoon asking if we wanted to help and support her new video project called “LUCKY”. Now we get a lot of these emails and as we go through them sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t. But when we pressed play on this project, we felt it had something really positive to show and say about the state skateboarding is in right now. Inclusivity and integration between people of all walks of life are very, we repeat very important to us as skateboarders and the entire world, to be honest. Now, most of the time you see an all-girl crew or an all-boy crew, maybe you see trans or queer people as well but this video shows a group of people from all walks of life skating together and that is what we hope our future will look like. Finally, we responded to Ariana’s mail by asking her if she was willing to tell us a bit about the project, so here we go.
Intro by Roland Hoogwater.
Text by Ariana Mamnoon.

“LUCKY” is a DIY video about a skate community in Los Angeles. Made by Ariana Mamnoon on a hand-held VHS camera over the past year and a half, “LUCKY” is a project that focuses on inclusivity and the strengths of friendship. The skating in “LUCKY” showcases all ranges of skill, from beginners, to more advanced, to pros, while simultaneously highlighting all types of skaters, such as girls, guys, queer/trans folks, and people of color. At its core, this project is about joy, dedication, and finding gratitude for the simplicities in life.

“LUCKY” is also about the filmer’s admiration for her two german shepherds, Willow and Lucky, who taught her about loyalty and kindness. It also features titles and animations by LA-based artist Tara Kazimi.

Featuring skating by – Austin Pastura, Masa Sun, Kora Colasuonno, Chandler Burton, Myles de Courcy, Hannah Chumley, Thomas Le, Todd Midler, Saori Kobayashi, Marcus Miramontes, Marbie Miller, Lennon Stankavich, Wesley Banford, Logan Bonner, Maly Mann, Jason Lane, Sammy Spiteri, Duncan Byrnes, Reed Kanter & Morgan Rindengan.