One day in 2014, I was writing a letter to Daniel and I was complaining that he didn‘t tell me about that great trick he did close to Alexanderplatz. I was referring to that other video of him that hit the web out of the blue that day, which he also didn’t tell me that he had filmed nor when it was going to be released. He is such a mystery-monger and I was confused about it. I‘ve been working in the skateboard industry for 15 years and have had a lot to do with skateboarders and until today I‘m not used to such a modest understatement of someone’s own skills. I tried my best to learn how to handle his approach. Daniel really inspired me during the years and because of his calm attitude, he had a major influence on where PLACE Magazine is these days. Right now, we‘re really enjoying where we are. It‘s at a point that totally reflects how we see the great culture of skateboarding.

On this day I would love to proudly announce Daniel as the new Editor-in-Chief – because I guess by his own he wouldn‘t like to tell you at all. He‘s not the type of guy to put himself in the spotlight, but furthermore, he likes his talents to speak for themselves and he has a lot of those on and off the board. Expect a little wind of change, a fresh look, and a true expression of the PLACE gang‘s point of view. Dear Daniel, the word is yours.

Benni Markstein

Photo: Sommerfeld