This is Pasha. He is from Russia. I don’t know where to start the story about him and where to finish. He is one of those guys… one of those very few guys. Everything about Pasha is awesome …the way he looks, the way he skates, the way he lives his life. Who is he? He is an artist, a poet, a designer, a decorator, a dancer, a master of performance, an inventor, a skater. His life is a reminder that there are people who will always stay above the system that most of people obey. Pasha is smart and intelligent.

He lost his dad in motorbike incident when he was really young but it didn’t stop him from taking risks and pursuing adventures. The way Pasha skates is pure definition of skateboarding to me. He stays away from the latest skate videos, rules or trends and does skateboarding the way he wants it. His skating is an entertaining mix of funny little tricks that he invented and really powerful kickflips, frontside flips as well as tall jumps and grinds. A lot of people don’t expect him even to be able to push on a skateboard when they see him for the first time but when he actually skates he is one of the best. Pasha is everyone’s favorite. I wish you to meet him one day.

Written by: Kirill Korobkov
Photos by: Alexey Lapin / @lapinotomy