Hugo Maillard is known for his creativity on the board but those that know him are aware that he is, in fact, creative in all other avenues of life. Painting, dancing, writing & finally music are all parts of Hugo’s pallet.

This first new Placelist by our newest contributor is focussed on one theme “Piano music” in its multiple facets. Read his own explanation and press play.


(indolence and incisiveness )

I had my first thrills with piano music passion when I first heard this piece of d’éon called “118”. The inner world of this song seemed so good and beautiful to me, and the urge to reach it and get into it through learning, playing and testing became urgent.

Then my listening kinda developed itself and, maybe, my ear, although I don’t think that means something very important, and I was unconsciously directed towards the piano instrument itself, the vibrating one who lives next to you in its heaviness and which produces real sounds that go through you like the air you breath. Firstly Impressionism, minimalism and now to the doors of jazz I wander. At the same time, I discover, learn and shiver. This list airs some of my favorite piano songs.

Track List:

  1. D’éon – 118
  2. Maurice Ravel – Le tombeau de couperin, forlane
  3. Carlos Guastavino – tres romances argentino, muchacho jujeo
  4. Chilly Gonzalez – Rideaux Lunaires
  5. Phillipe Katerine – à l’Elysee
  6. James Horner – rolfe purpose from the movie the new world
  7. Timothy Duval – Ball
  8. Brian Eno – By this river
  9. H.hunt – C U soon
  10. Emahoy Tsegue Maryam Guebrou – Homesickness
  11. Maurice Ravel – Une barque sur l’océan
  12. Ryuchi Sakamoto – Undercooled
  13. Wim Mertens – Iris
  14. Phillipe Katerine – Moment parfait
  15. Emahoy Tsegue Maryam Guebrou – Mothers love
  16. Ryuchi Sakamoto – Opus
  17. Daniel Johnston – Some things last a long time