Holiday time is upon us and the year is drawing to a close, therefore we set out to celebrate and celebrate we did!
We got together with adidas and organized a little Christmas party We even got lyrical and wrote a little X-mas poem about the event. Enjoy!


Together with the help of adidas skateboarding we premiered two of our newest video projects and had a jolly good time!

We celebrated amongst friends and enjoyed the free beers and glühwein.

Santa must have heard our Christmas wishes and granted us one, he sent out Disney’s favorite son.

Mickey brought Minnie and party they did, an evening of presents and selfies in a Christmas outfit.

The night ended and as soon as the morning began, we received a text from a guy we will name Stan.

The text said he stole Saint Nic from the bathroom that night

And although it was a blow-up version it filled us with fright.

Our  Santa Claus doll got taken to a new home without his consent and is now working in a Berlin bar trying to pay rent. 

Go figure, see you next year Santa🎅🏻


We would like to thank adidas skateboarding for all the support and Merry Christmas to all!

Photos by Danny Sommerfeld.

Poem by Roland Hoogwater.