A little while back I got hit up by Bryan Vana the editor of Zach Dykes video“Lake Trout”. He proposed to us that we could premiere James’ part on our website.
Naturally, I responded by saying let’s see the part first, well let me be honest, as soon as I saw that first kickflip in those Gato shoes I was sold!

It may seem funny to say but a good flat ground kickflip is a sight to seldom seen in video parts today. We see them all the time in different variations, over a rail, down some stairs, into a wheelie, out of a slide but rarely do we get to see a good one on flat.

Well, you might start to think… What is a good kickflip? That is up to the beholder, but my definition is that it is a flip that stands out from the crowd.

Another one of James’ feats is that he filmed this part in Spain without making it look that much like the southern European nation. We all know that it is great to skate over there but visually things can lose their identity unless you do something crazy at one of the more famous spots.

Obviously, I say all that to say this press play and decide for yourself, are his kickflips really that good?