Today we are very proud to present to you a video featuring the very kind Thomas Eckert, filmed & edited by one of SHRN’s own Benny Urban who rips both on the cement and in the snow. We asked Mr. Urban (what’s in a name) to tell us about Innsbruck, Thomas, and much more. Enjoy.

Cover photo by Theo Acworth

Innsbruck is a medium-sized city in the Austrian Alps. Sounds a bit, well let’s say not so hip or current in terms of skateboarding, fashion, culture, and so on.
But if you ever get the chance to visit, I promise you – you will be surprised. It is an epic location that combines city-scapes & nature. Which attracts a lot of young people and entices them to move here and study, do mountain activities, or simply just skate.

The skateboard community here has grown a lot over the last few years and I’m personally so happy about this because it gives me the opportunity to surround myself with the culture. My friends offer me a creative outlet to work on my passion for skateboarding and filming.
Last summer I linked up with Tom Eckert to film a Full Part for him. He approached me because I had just bought a VX camera off of Kalle Wiehn. I actually bought it to work on a Snowboard video project I did in the wintertime.

In the end, the Stars aligned and we are all happy to present you this piece.
We hope you enjoy it!

Benny Urban.