Next up was Berlin. Being “on tour” in your own city is kind of a weird thing. First of all, I never really get around by car. If you go out on a skate mission you usually take your bike, so you can be free to move at any times. Not to forget all the shortcuts and backyards you could check out within no time. But then again, if you’re rolling with a big group of about 15 skaters – and have a video to finish – you definitely need some sort of fast transportation, or otherwise you’ll get stuck at every single Spätkauf (late shop) there is and every tiny skate park will get a quick demo time.

David Stenström is wild and so is his tranny game, method air in Potsdam.

Remy, a hard working man.

Ben Chardoune is the main guy behind the video project. You have probably seen his Kevin Rodrigues clip a couple of months ago, Ben was responsible for that. Not only is he filming a lot, he really has his own vision behind it. And by vision I’m not referring to these annoying cinematic images with explosions, super slow-mo montages, and things like that. It’s more like he knows what he wants but also plays with ideas, and is very open-minded to try other things outside of skateboarding to keep himself inspired. This guy for example loves steak tartar – of course, he’s French! #PleaseCharge will have its own unique soundtrack, also thanks to Ben.

BILDER_pleasecharge_neu_highres-16Ben and Remy – a dream team.

Instagram hype has probably become one of the biggest marketing tools in the industry. You can give your followers a very “behind the scenes” look and you can show off pretty good as well. You are free to take all the time in the world working on your videos and images, as long as you need and until it ends up looking perfect in your eyes. If you haven’t watched a single #PleaseCharge video – you should definitely do it, they are pretty damn funny, decorated with a lot of personality from each and every team member. Usual standouts include roaring party scenes, smoking weed, drinking, and girls. All this in not longer than 15 seconds. Someone even took it a little too serious and created a little hate account by the name “Please Charge,” and posted random photos of empty battery bars and people charging their phones. Look it up, you will find some funny stuff!

James Cruickshank is Ben’s helping hand and a very funny British gentlemen. Meet him in person and let the good times roll.