Filmed by Makke Bengtsson.
Written by Roland Hoogwater.
Supported by Vans Europe.

Listen there are no two ways about it, this video is about Steve Caballero’s Pro shoe the Half Cab. The longest-running pro shoe in the game and after our visit to CPH-Open we can tell you after all these years still a pretty popular shoe.

Back in the early days of my own skating in the early 2000s finding this shoe was quite the challenge, there were limited pairs and a lot of skate shops didn’t carry them. I actually spent many hours on eBay trying to find a size US 10 in an acceptable colorway. I even went so far as to buy a wild colorway and dyeing them myself afterward.

They always skated and looked great but the comeback started (in my time) with Nick Trapasso’s rise. His laidback style and patterned pyjama pants made Steve’s shoes look so good! Still, they didn’t become easier to find. It almost feels like it was hiding from us, only coming out for a select few who knew. People like Dustin Henry for instance told me he always kept a pare for rare occasions. A photo, a specific trick, or a special trip, the shoe has always carried this special vibe and was always around for the people that knew.

Fredrik Nilsson & Nicky Guerrero in their Cabs.

Now at 30, it feels like the shoe has become a little less shy and is opening itself up for the public to give it the love it deserved. I hate to use a sports reference for such a lifestyle classic but at 30 you hit your prime and it feels like the Cab has just hit its prime.

So let’s give praise to a classic and the OGs that came up in it but let’s also be happy that some things in our world are permanent fixtures and the Half Cab is just that, a classic fixture. And it is fun to present a piece to you all that shows that longevity, something that is rare in a sub-culture that moves from trend to trend.