Hello, and welcome back to our Place Presents series. This time we have something really special for you. A week of Julian Klincewicz together with Vault by Vans. You don’t know who Julian is? Then better listen. When we were first approached to document Julian’s trip to Milan, Italy where the European release of his second Vault by Vans collection took place, we got super stoked. Being big fans of his recent work we looked forward to meeting him in person and to getting a glimpse into his daily life working as a director, photographer, and artist. We brought Berlin local photographer Steffen Grap along, who already knew Julian from a stay in Los Angeles, to shoot some photos and to keep everyone in a happy mood through his seemingly endless good energy. To make skateboarding a small part of this project we brought our friend Julian Ruhe to assist us with the good old skateboard which in the end even sparked the other Julian (Klincewicz) to step back onto his board again. If you ever get the chance to see him skate you will see that he got some very nice moves. But enough of the talking now! Lean back, press play, and join Julian and us on our little trip to Italy. Enjoy!

Text by Louis Marschall.
Video by Peter Buikema.