Already three weeks ago Hamburg’s infamous Stanley WE crew premiered their second full length called Unalowe. Unfortunately, I couldn’t follow an invitation, and thus I could do nothing but believe the circulating and in every respect positive rumors spread by some of the roughly 500 guests of the event, which made me conclude that my non-attendence certainly might have been a piece of really bad luck. However, today my friend Philipp from the Lobby Skateshop in Hamburg got me a private link to the video, and I finally could convince myself that this video is truely an outstanding work. Really guys, if you read this, you are awesome! Since I am not allowed to share the video here yet, I at least can provide you with some snapshot impressions of the premiere evening and give you the advice to keep your eyes open for the video as soon as it will be available somewhere, which, as I assume, will be rather sooner than later.

Photos by Anton Geismar