After Sondre banged us over the head with John Maus? last month this month we get the second Placelist in a long line of lists to come.

For this one, Mr. Mortensen went into his Ariel Pink bag and came out with a solid hour of music that will take you into the Pink world of Ariel. But the more music he came up with the fewer words he found to accompany the launch of this list.

So, in the end, these are the result of his AP deep dive:

There are triumphs to be won. Just as the blue skies were taking over. But you were never invited. ”I need the space.” said the man by the tree.

Sondre’s Placelist – Ariel Pink Playlist:

  1. The List (My Favorite Song).
  2. For Kate I Wait.
  3. Crying.
  4. The Birds They Sing In You.
  5. Beverly Kills (Freaks With Golden Heirs).
  6. My Cutie.
  7. Why Can’t I Be Me.
  8. Every Night I die At Miyagis.
  9. Grey Sunset.
  10. Something Isn’t Something.
  11. Foilly Foibles/GOLD.
  12. Shaven.
  13. Angel (Live On Kxlu).
  14. Ghosts.
  15. Privacy.
  16. Jesus Christ Came To Me In A Dream.
  17. So Glad.

Photo by Nils Svensson.
Collage by Sondre himself.