Our new Place Presents comes all the way from Texas, USA and it has a lot to offer. From abandoned-looking places, crusty sidestreets, and big city districts all the way to fun-looking ditches. We think it’s always a good idea to get out of your comfort zone because you might discover something new and amazing to skate. That’s exactly what Christian Sanchez and his friends did. Let’s hear what he has to say.

Intro By Louis Marschall.

Text By Christian Sanchez.

“Speedster is a video filmed throughout every major city in Texas. I’m from Dallas but lived in Austin for a couple of years. While skating out there I started filming for this project. Eric, Josh, Daniel, and I would travel to San Antonio, Houston, and Dallas to find underground and untouched spots to skate. It felt more natural to get a clip on a spot that we found through Google Earth or just riding around downtown with the VX. The video is put together to feel like one fluid motion with limited b-roll and more skating.”