Welcome back to our Place Presents series, today we take you to Gothenburg to feature the SPIRIT OF LIFE a video by Adam Carlander Kanyi & Tobias Eklund. Which consists of a crew of people you might remember from Love Öhling’s “HOT ROD” video a while back. Anyway, we liked it, we hope you enjoy it and if you need more information, we asked Adam to spell things out in his own words.

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.
Text by Adam Carlander Kanyi.

I started documenting skating a few years ago and have just kept at it ever since. I felt like doing something different because most skate videos looked and sounded the same to me at the time.

Tobias “Tobbe” Eklund had been around since I started both these projects and he has recently officially teamed up with me to help out with the video. As of now, Tobbe is doing most of the filming & editing. I have time to do stuff like clothes, concepts, and the overall creative direction. That doesn’t mean I am not in these streets anymore, I still do some filming and editing as well.

This video came about when we were switching camera setups from the Panasonic HMC-40 to an HVX/HPX setup. We decided to compile all the footage we had filmed on the HMC-40 and that’s what “SPIRIT OF LIFE” has turned into. The video itself is inspired by some Danish movies and it holds a bunch of other loose references to things we enjoy.

Salighet is a brand and film project based in Gothenburg, Sweden. If you are out there check out the NSFW & HEDENIST pop-up store that is going on from the 15th up until the 17th of July.

*Special thanks go out to Love Öhling for his help in making this happen.