A Film By Nizan Kasper

WELCOME! to our new website & welcome to the new STANLEY WE project. It was time for something new, something fresh and something ever so slightly different from what we had before. Never change a winning formula is a true statement but like Daniel Kim (Stingwater) keeps telling us, we need to be: “Groeing and Evolving”. So here it is, our first exclusive on our new and improved platform. “So Fresh & So Clean!”

It is only fitting that we kick this off with Stanley We, people we love and support and give us the same love and support back. From the early days until now we have worked together and a bond has formed. Nizan Kasper’s newest project says it best: “End Of Self Promotion” this new project “A Film For My Friends”.

Almost 60 minutes of love is something you have to work for and work was what the guys put in. Like the port of the city of Hamburg, a lot of goods were imported (mostly Champagne) to make this video into what it is.

Alright, enough talk, Nizan made these little works of art down bellow and he put some slyly hidden gems in the video so spend some time with it. Respect the work and remember to love your friends. Peace!