It is always nice to see outside your own skate scene, even more so when you get the opportunity to catch a glimpse into a scene in another continent entirely. Of course, we do see Toronto via people like Bobby De Keyzer, Stafon Boca, or Cephas Benson. But we as Europeans rarely get a glimpse into the wider scene and that is what Robert Metov’s Radio Sessions have achieved. We asked Rob to tell you a bit more about the project itself so keep reading!

Intro by Roland Hoogwater.

Filmed and Edited by: Rob Mentov.

Photos: Rob Mentov & Jake Borchenko.

Radio Sessions is an ongoing video series presented by Street Feet Skateboarding. Captured through the lens of older analog mediums, the series aims to document skateboarding in the late-night hours of the Toronto city streets. Radio Sessions features the usual Toronto heads as well as other talented humans within and outside of the city. Inspired by Charles Bukowski’s American Dream and the cosmic sounds of Alice Coltrane, Radio Sessions will be broadcasting on all available channels.


Will Baigent, Will Filion, Nathanial Dean, Koyla Kaigorodtcev, Alex Vince, Aaron Jones, Scott Balkwil, Scott Varney, Matt Roberts, Rob Mentov, Adrien Vienneau,aarow mcdaniels, and Josh Forgues.