Tag: Adam Mueller

Justin Bohl came out with a new full lengths to properly document Detroit’s skateboarding scene. That city as a very special look and a great history.

Featuring Brennan Richman, Marky Numbers Francois Decomble Justin & Jason Wallace, Adam Mueller, Garrett Blair, Mike Krok, Austin Walsh and the list goes on.

A little something came to our attention thanks to our friend Anthony Roscini who told us to watch this video by his friends from Detroit. Truth be told, Colin Stanley did a great job and we will be following his work staring this video.


Anthony Randazzo, Kevin Scutchfield, Deric Esparza, Ben Barber, Peter Scaletta, Cam Szabo, Garrett Blair, Adam Mueller, Cole Gossett, Gian Pena, Dom Palarchio, Lincoln Okaji, Gabe Felz, Nick Rainey, Nathan Byers, Marco DeLeo, Quentin Boyer, Mitch Metzger, Nick Simonetti, Brent Behm.