Tag: Build Wallies Not Walls

We just received a very important public service announcement:

Dear fellow skateboarder,

Today we released our campaign Build Wallies Not Walls, where we call upon people to build wallies instead of walls.
By doing so, we want to raise attention for immigration issues and the victims caused by closed borders. It is our believe that closed borders are not contributing to making the world a better place.

Donald Trump is the most widely known promoter of closed borders and walls. That’s why we made an wallie of him, as a protest statement against his policies and message. On our website www.walliesagainstwalls.com you can find more information, photos and links.
You can download a template, print-files and a builder guide to make your own wallie. We hope that people join the movement and start building their own wallies. Plus, we wish everyone the joy of skating over Trumps face!