Tag: Emeth van der bergh

Ilya van Roosmalen and his crew from the west side of the Netherlands better known as Holland might be next up if they keep things moving in their current direction. They found a cheap HVX200 on an online platform, turned it on, and pressed play, a year later HOMEWORK is a thing!

This video might show a learning curve, but overall, we feel it shows a lot of promise. From good & diverse skating to the B-roll, we can see that young Ilya has an eye for things and the whole crew delivers together!

From almost getting arrested via a Police helicopter, getting threatened by some loser in a turtleneck, and knocking the bumper of your dad’s sports car. We feel good about the future of the crew and can’t wait to see more. Enjoy!

We would like to end this text by giving Rachid Addou a big S/O for putting us on to Ilya and his crew.