One of our favorites to watch a.k.a. Jake Church spend some time in Mexico City and skated the super crusty-looking streets of this gigantic city jungle. Featuring a few of his friends and edited by his brother. Some of those slams looked horrible but it seems like they were all fine. Good one!

Check out their brand “CTMY” HERE.

The Decline squad is back with a vengeance, and after their last video dclllne this is a step up or more adding Felipe Bartolomé & Jake Church into the mix as well. Mexico City seems to be a sick skateboard destination!

Wenn Andrew Reynolds, Leo Romero, Spanky und co. in Mexico City sind, kommen die Changos aus ihrem Domicilio gestürmt um mit den nordamerikanischen Skateboard Pros Cerveza zu trinken und La China zu rauchen. Parallel dazu liefern die Jungs aus den U.S.A Martillos ab, als ob es keinen Manana geben würde. Die Kollegen vom Jenkem Mag haben einen ausführlichen Bericht über die chaotischen Zustände – HIER entlang. Vamos a la playa!