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After being featured on our channel with an amazing Place Presents (click HERE to watch it), Ivan Labalestra is back with a new video and of course we had to share it. Very entertaining skateboarding paired with good filming and editing. Always a treat.

Check their project “anklecage” HERE.

This is not your typical video. Sure it has its influences but it has been filtered through the mind of another person and translated into a project that manages to grab your attention for the full 16-minutes.

Watch and learn young filmmakers there are some good clues on how to structure a video in this project.

A film by Ivan Labalestra.

A nice little video from one of the smallest countries in Europe.

The video got sent to us by Ivan Labalestra, who had this to say about the making of this project:

With „Pancake” I really wanted to show the variety of spots in Luxembourg, far beyond those sort of well-known ones like the Philharmonie, Alima, etc. 

I filmed this project throughout the last two months of summer. We went searching for new and/or random spots. During this process that became just as important to me as the actual sessions. Eventually, it has been those spots our found spots, that dictated how this video turned out. I hope you enjoy our work!

Cheers, Ivan