Tag: Ronaldo Magno

This video by Leo de Broc randomly popped up on our YouTube and after watching it we had to share it. A lot of spicy skateboarding combined with a good vibe. Thanks to Leo and the YouTube algorithm!

Featuring: Simon Perrottet, Jordan Norwood, Antoine Rauber, Luc Boimond, Manny Hernandez, Roméo Cerutti, Adil Ahmed, Liam Savage, Liam Triano, and Ronaldo Magno.

One of the most productive crews out of Europe OG. 2000 is back with a new almost 15min. long edit. “ONE NOTE IS ALL IT TAKES” comes with a bunch of crazy animations, a pretty funny music selection & the usual high level of skateboarding maneuvers.

Featuring Celian Cordt-moller, Luc Boimond, Jordan Queijo, John Katsounos, Ioannis Mavraggelos, Saphep Tang, Valentin Verd, Guillaume Berthet, Victor Campillo, Antoine Rauber, Manny Hernandez, Gabriel Zufferey, Florian Byrne-sutton, Andrea Crispini, Till Weber, Lukas Bigun, Ronaldo Magno, Jacky, Ernest Gaudray, Simon Perrottet, Morgan Katumba, Lilian Ceccon, Lilian Fev, Nico Gisonno, Elliot Bonnabel, Stefan Brodard & Lil Bendo. Filmed and edited by Guillaume Berthet.