Our beloved friend Lucas Beaufort, mastermind behind the LB Project just sent over his latest artist video. Featured this time is Jacob Ovgren from Malmö, Sweden who is very well known for doing bizzare board graphics at Polar Skateboards and also publishing the zine Puff. Grab a beer and get to know the young artist:

Additionally, here’s a little interview with Jacob, taken from the LB Project’s website:

To start off can you introduce yourself?
My Name is Jacob Ovgren I’m 24 years old. Originaly from Helsingborg, smaller town close to Malmö, where I now live and work with Polar skate co, Servant footwear and some other stuff.

Can you talk about your background in Art? When and how did you start drawing stuff?
Always been into drawing, It’s like meditation, you can just disconnect everything else. Now, if a day goes by whithout me drawing anything it feels like a wasted day. Thats what I do…

What is your involvment into skateboarding?
I do graphics and skate as much as i can. I Just love it.

How skateboarding influences your art?
Definitely. Just being out skating and talking shit. That’s where all the ideas for the drawings come from.

The LB project has been created to unite artists and photographers through skateboarding, what motivate you to be a part of it?