Alex Olson is known for his quite unique personality. Constantly changing and reinventing himself, he seems to be always in search for new experiences and the best way to live. In the lasting struggle between false modesty and the urge, as a person of public attention, to keep people aware of certain things in life that he regards to be important, now and then he forces himself to break out of his restraint. So recently, Alex shared a vegan curry recipe on a cooking show, which most of the people seem to find quite amusing and entertaining, but also brought along some good fodder for a number of hate comments, which we sometimes find as unnecessary as funny. Here are our top ten comments:

“He loves being in front of the camera. How many videos on the web are there where he talks about himself? He’s one of those “I hate doing interviews/being photographed” dudes yet there is more content of him not on a skateboard.”

“Even he seems like he hates vegan food.”

“Well he’s a pro skater so I’m sure he’s hit his head more than enough times.”

“Looks tired as fuck. Eat some meat, you would feel better.”

“This guy is pretty cool… weird but cool. Haha!”

“Fucking shit cunt, get a haircut you hippie.”

“I didn’t notice the awkwardness, which made me feel awkward reading the comments. Does not noticing awkwardness mean I’m awkward?”

“This guy is so boring and such a sad sounding fella.”

“Alex Olson seems like a really nice guy, and he’s a badass skater, but man he seems dumb as sack of rocks.”

“Definitely stoned.”