Mails are coming in, phones are ringing and social media is exploding – it’s time for feedback! To be honest it’s always a very exciting time when a new issue drops. How will people react on things, that we think are cool? For the first time we would like to present you a little selection of our favourite reactions on our newest issues of all times – either good or not so good.

“Where can I get that camo top?”bumwin

“Do yourself a favour and #savetheforrests”Christian Welther


“Very nice issue. I really like that the mag is in English, the print is amazing and I love the Roman pictures. Thank you!”Pontus Alv

“What the hell? I think you should finally do a skatecover again.”Hendrik Herzmann

“I had to call instead of writing a mail ’cause I’m so excited. Just to say, I’m fuckin’ lovin’ it!”Nick Bridge, Bitchslap Magazine

“Yo, everything’s been done. VERY FUCKIN’ WELL! Kudos.”David Luther


“Good job guys! Fully experimental cover but good!”Kévin Métallier

“I think that your latest cover was made for me! Congrats again for the NBD cover!”Lucas Beaufort

lucas beaufort

Illustration by Lucas Beaufort