Last weekend the Vans Shop Riot Finals took place in Milano in Italy. We sent two of our favorite correspondents Peter Buikema and Sara Parson-Texas to the event with some analogue camera equipment. Both of them came back with their own version of the events as they unfolded. Part 1, this part is Sara’s vision and words of their 46 hours in Milan.

46 hours, that is the exact time we spent in Milan. Pretty much in and out!
First stop: the hotel, to drop our stuff and off we were to Milano Centrale where everybody met up to skate… have a beer… and… witness a random fight between some local drunks (not the skaters).

An honourable mention goes out to Victor “doobie” Pellegrin for killing it, even though he had multiple: “I can’t skate today” and “the spot actually sucks” type of comments!

Later on the same day, we went down to the Bastard Shop for the first event, a session in a crazy suspended bowl… an exhibition… Italian buffet and… of course drinks. A few glasses of wine and a dislocated elbow later we all danced to Dj Juan Love a.k.a. John Cardiel’s set until the early hours.

The following day was spent at the Pinball Skatepark where both the finals and the best trick took place. The weather was horrible and we were all half hangover but in a good mood none the less.
All the teams really went for it, and during Burnside’s run, I was “live” with Dallas Rockvam, sending him updates about Rob and his teammates! In the end, they actually did it, the Burnside boys won the finals and I believe Rob also won the best trick… Hey Rob! What did you have for breakfast that day mate?!

After all the rain… party… gin tonic… dance moves… more gin tonic… popping out of wardrobes… rain again… sleep (sort off) we got on the train… plane… and we touched the ground, back in Berlin 46 hours later!

Sara would like to give some extra thanks to:
Alex Forbes, Danny Wainwright, Sam Partaix, Doobie Pellegrin, Jacopo Carozzi, Sebastian Vijverberg, Val Bauer, Joseph Biais, and all the others for being good partners in crime.

Finals Results:
Burnside (Netherlands)
Traektoria (Russia)
Skate.CH (Switzerland)
Gilis (Israel)