Today we are not only announcing the winner of our PlaceMakeaZine contest via our Instagram but we are also presenting you with a more in-depth look behind the scenes of the HERA operation.

Video by Peter Buikema.
Text by Roland Hoogwater.
Supported by adidas Skateboarding.

You might ask yourself: What is a HERA? Am I a HERA? Depending on who is reading this you very well might be! But if you are not that, doesn’t mean you can’t love and enjoy what this group of HERA’s brings to the table.

If diversity is the spice of life than this is a spicy dish best served fricking HOT! Because even though you might do the skating part by yourself it is the community around you that really counts and that is why we need initiatives like HERA to be supported by all of you!

Nuff said, please simmer down, have a seat and press play!