Yesterday Austyn Gillette’s part dropped and it was a thing of beauty. While Stumple across all those shares in our facebook feed and reading some of the comments below we noticed that he might be one of the most talked about pro skaters at the moment. We put together our list of comments we find the most interesting, just unbelievable random or simply retared:

Habitat Skateboards: “Austyn Gillette we miss you.”

Sanford N. Sunn: “Yall spelled “Dylan Reider” wrong.”

Jesse Whalen: “amazing skating but why do I feel like I just watched a calvin klein commercial.”

oyolar: “Kind of weird to put out a sick part that will likely be watched for a long time and then end it with a picture of a shoe.”

FrenchFuck: “Quality not Quantity”

Nathan Evans: “those shoes look like something I’d wear to a job interview.”

Daniel Joel: “He skates super solid. I’d like to see more feeling in his tricks though.”

Drake Valdez: “Gay ass shoes”

Todd Wilson: “Austin has what many skaters don’t have now, style!”

Nathaniel James Horton: “He skates faster than Denis buesinitz”

Here’s his part again: