Peter has been a busy boy this last summer! His “What The Heck” video came out less than a week ago and now we are already getting his next video. Creature and OJ Wheels came to town and somebody named ULPH put his Swedish foot down on multiple spots in a time span of 6-days. JAKE and JOAO backed him up and DAVE came along for a day too. Pretty amazing, and because you might not be aware of how fun these guys are we asked a BGP legend & team manager Steve Forstner to casually introduce Berlin to the guys and the guys to you.

LOVE is just a 4 letter word but so is FUCK! A lot of GOOD things are described by just FOUR simple letters. 4 is the number of people in this edit and the liquid they drank most is 4 letters long as well.

Back to the feature of the day. Get ready for something new, something fresh, some weird new Creature. Press play on the above first, but stay here and get into podcast mode for a second with our audio below.