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Stefan Vogtländer recently released his new and very nicely put-together video “Operation: Interbau”. It’s the sequel to his last project “the KMA” and it features parts by Tim Karbe, Nico Kasterke, Sascha Scharf, Shane Kotte, Lorenz Knuth, Markus Schlensog Finn Dejoks, and Franz Zechlin. Always good to see a video out of Berlin. Enjoy!

Berlin is a big city but compared to the size and population its Skateboarding Scene is relatively small. Vincent Heller gives us a very good and insightful look into a scene that not only has a handful of pro skaters but also way more people you probably have never even heard of before. This edit might also include a full comeback part of the one and only Mack McKelton, who would have thought!?

Dan Schulz uploaded some raw footage of quick feet master Tom Knox when he was filming for an Berlin Independent Trucks Clip last year. Rewatch the video by clicking HERE.

The new generation out of CPH brings us a video named “DOUBLE PUNCH” which basically is a summer edit combined with a trip to our hometown Berlin. Can’t wait to see more of those guys!

Featuring Louis Müller, Emil Kalden, Ryunosuke Tomita, Peder Allman, Herman Møller, Noah Vester Emil Wickström, Lasse Westfall, Noah Mikkelsen, Elias Heilbruun, Mikail Dogan, Sandor Hjarnø, Aske Raft & Lars Larsen.

Our new favorite kid crew hit Berlin, Germany and some of the tricks really surprised us. There is loads of potential and we are looking forward to what the future holds for them. Check out their brand Overtime HERE.

Filmed and edited by Nataniel Vetrovsky.

A few weeks ago, our beloved friend Steffen Grap went on a trip to visit the Bronx Team all over Europe and the results are an analog journey through more than a handful of country’s including Paris, Stockholm & Bronx Wheels’s hometown Berlin.

Meet Edouard Depaz, Pascal Moelaert, Simon Källkvist, Daniel Pannemann & TM and CEO of Poetic Collective Tom Botwid through the eyes of Steffen Grap:

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Mobina and Melika Nazari have been a steady part of Berlin’s skate scene for a while now and we are stoked to see that they are finally getting more recognition outside of the city. Watching this short video piece reminded us of our Place Presents we did with them some years ago. So if you want to know more about those two you can find the article and video HERE.