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Some would say it was bad luck and some would say that it was meant to be this way. Here is an explanation by Dan himself why the new video is called unfinished:

“Due to harddrive issues in the past, a lot of the corresponding footage got lost. This is the fragment of THE UNFINISHED VIDEO from 2017.”

Featuring Manuel Mayr, Johannes Schirrmeister, Tabo Löchelt, Stephan Weimar, Sascha Scharf, Niklas Stube, Juan Carlos Aliste, Kerem Elver, Roland Hirsch, Banden B, Molly, Valle Ott, Kanya Spani & Quirin Staudt.

Berlin often gets a bad rep. I heard complaints from many out-of-town filmers and skaters alike: The spots are too rough, you can’t cruise around the city, I can’t get anything done because of the partying. The list goes on, but for people that live in the city, those things are not an obstacle. Sascha Scharf moved to the city and wanted to befriend the place and its spots. Going out and finding his own version of Berlin together with Dan Schulz. This part is a reflection of both getting to know and love a place. It shows you his version of a city with many faces. So, watch (read) and learn more about Sascha.

All photos by Dennis Scholz.
Interview by Roland Hoogwater.

Hey Sascha how are you?

Good, just got back, to Berlin and it is snowing.

A White-Christmas, it is a miracle! Tell me about your part, are you happy with it?

Yes, I am. It is the first part where, in the end, I feel good about the whole process. The idea was to search for spots in Berlin and skate both the spots that people know and the spots that most people don’t know. To show new spots and possibilities.

How was it working with Dan Schulz?

It was great, I didn’t know Dan before this project, I just hit him up out of the blue. But through working together we really became friends. Working with him is great, he is patient and like me doesn’t like to be late, he also brings his own ideas to the session and is open to suggestions. I know how I would like things to look and he listens. One of the worst things is trying a line and you see the filmer riding next to you and you just know it isn’t going to look good. That can really demotivate me from trying tricks.

That means you probably spent a lot of time on your bike.

100%, I made a spot map and dedicated a lot of time to cycling through the city. It was great, when I first moved to Berlin I didn’t know the place. So going around looking at spots and areas outside of the usual zones people skate in was a way for me to get to know the city. Actually, the map is not so much something I did for myself it is for all my friends. I often think of tricks for other people when I find spots.

That is cool, but let’s be honest, getting them there is probably the hardest part. At least in my experience (laughs).

It can be, but often people are just stoked to skate something else, something new. They are thankful that I am doing that part of the job for them. Plus often Yannick Schall is willing to drive us there. I do the work on a bike and then we carpool there together (laughs).

With the city being so big, it surely means that you spent many miles in all different kinds of areas. What spot was the most gratifying to find?

This kicker to kicker spot where I do a Frontside Shove-it. We saw that one on Daniel Pannemann’s IG, I made a screenshot. When I finally found that spot I was surprised to find it hiding in plain sight (laughs).

Back Smith up and on to the next spot.

That’s funny because I remember watching your part with Daniel some weeks ago and he was like. Oh, they skated that spot. (laughs)

It was such a good feeling finding that one. Through filming this part I found out that some spots look easy but for instance, the line where I do that pivot fakie on that little red bank was such a struggle. I couldn’t ride up it, the angle didn’t allow it, so we had to find a little sign and put it down to make things work. We often had to make small adjustments to get the clip.

You didn’t only skate Berlin though, that Pop Shove-it off a grate over a long step is closer to your heimat.

Dan and I spent some time at my parent’s house in Wuppertal. That trick was actually filmed during that stay. The spot is in my home town. But we went all around the Ruhr Valley, places like Bochum & Essen.

At that same spot in Wuppertal, you have a guest trick as well right?

Yeah, that is a good friend of mine Niklas Stube, I wanted to push him. He did the Varial Flip to back me up. That spot is actually super hard, the grate is not very wide. But it didn’t bother him as much as it did me. He did the trick in like 2 tries.

Funnily enough, you did a trip to Athens as well but footage doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

I think that is because Berlin & the Ruhr Valley are both rough & somewhat dirty places. Athens, in its own way, is as well. So maybe that is why the footage translates and compliments the other stuff so well.

Nowadays you see a lot of crews in the background but you didn’t have that going on. Did you go on solo missions with Dan a lot?

No, that is just a habit I picked up from filming with Dennis Ludwig. Clean up your background so you can get the best footage. I actually enjoy skating with a crew, you often get more stuff done in the heat of the moment skating together. But, I am not going to lie, there were moments where nobody wanted to join me and Dan to some faraway spots.

Besides the spots did you have any other concepts or ideas coming into this project?

I did, quick feet tricks and no-push lines. Which at times was a struggle, but challenges can be good. When it worked we were extra happy.

When it came to the editing did you play an active part in that?

Dan sorted out most of the footage and did most of the work on that end. But we sat together and talked about what trick should go where and what should stay in or go out. It was quite an easy process. When it came to the music, I gave Dan a playlist and he ended up picking two songs and edited the footage to both. This version stuck out immediately so even when it came to that we didn’t really struggle.

I can see why you are happy with the process. Thank you for your time Sascha.

I want to thank you guys as well, I hope to see you guys soon.

Heelflip to fuck with your mind.

A nice pre-lockdown flash of skating by some very nice skaters. We want to give Ike Fromme a special little S/O because he really did some spicy stuff in this one.

Denny Pham, Pol Catena, Matt Debauche, Sascha Scharf, Ike Fromme, Douwe Macare, Dan Schulz, Florian ‘Burny’ Hopfensperger, 

Paul Herrmann gets the honor of closing off our year with his best of 2018 montage. The video features some of Berlin’s finest and some of Germany’s best.

To be honest, it is nice to see that young filmers still wait to “build” montages instead of filming for a couple of weekends and then “just putting it out” in a sub-par fashion.

Surprises are nice and we believe in the fact that every skater can have something to add to a montage. To draw a parallel, in a band not everybody can be the lead singer, some people might be drummers or they might not even play any instrument but still, they are an important element of the band.


In “bestof2k18” Herrmann manages to show us all the bits and bobs behind his “band” and we hope you enjoy the results.


Just as we are slowly reaching the coldest point of the year Skatedeluxe and Levi’s created some warm winter wear.
In celebration, they sent out some of their riders to do a resistance test and as we can see the results do not lie.

Let’s keep it as short as the name – A new one by Dan Schulz feat.: Oliver Weismantel, Sascha Scharf, Banden B, Franz Zechlin, Farid Ulrich, Sami Harithi, Dustin Bialas, Patrick Rogalski, Sascha Daley, Arthur Kiviliov, Kanya Spani, Kerem Elver, Panos Loupis, Daniel Ledermann, Lukas Bigun, Marco Kada & Tabo Löchelt.

Our video columnist Paul Herrmann has been on the road a lot last year.
A couple of trips for Vans, vacations together with friends and a move from Frankfurt to Berlin produced a lot of new impulses.

Documenting those new moments allowed him to translate his experiences into his latest column aptly titled “Left”.

You have heard it before, we are hosting this Saturday’s Snipes – SQUAD UP event in Berlin / Märkisches Viertel. The best thing about it –  everyone can join the contest, as long you find a crew of three people and a name. Easy, right? We have more than 10 crews invited from all over Germany including:

Skywalker: Marcel Weber, Tim Hachen, Max Pack
Dshild: Modo Matinda, Marvin Rausch, Vincent van Essen
030 Gaunerz: Justin Sommer, Phillipp Oehmige, Max Obert
Saltyboys: Yannick Schall, Denny Pham, Patrick Rogalski
Bong Bande: Michel Funke, Valentin Ott, Farid Ulrich
Marijuth: Joscha Aicher, Daniel Ledermann, Mario Ungerer
Seoul Air: Hyun Kummer, Jan Hoffmann, Julian Ruhe
Roncalli Kids: Robert Gray, Yannick Zhou, Malte Schüttensack
Downright: Tom Kleinschmidt, Christopher Schübel, Quirin Staudt
Europe: Kai Hillebrand, Timo Meiselbach, Kevin Vietzke
VierSwei: Sascha Scharf, Niklas Stube, Oliver Reinicke
Stanley WE: Benny Vogel, Christoph Friedmann, David Neier
OWN Skateboards: Andi Welther, Glenn Michelfelder, Robin Wulf

This is Dshild:


This is VierZwei:

This is Own Skateboards:

All the INFORMATION you need.

Today we are premiering “Welcome to Franki” a skateboard video by a young filmer out of Frankfurt named Paul Herrmann. The video was shot in Frankfurt, Berlin, Barcelona and the French capital of Paris. It gives you a good insight into what young German skaters are doing (mostly in Frankfurt and Berlin) but it also has some mainstay people like Kai Hillebrand, Valentin Cafuk, and Timo Meiselbach. All in all we back Paul in his efforts and are proud not only to host the online premiere of his new video but also to welcome him into the PLACE squad. From now on Paul will produce a monthly video column for all of you to enjoy but first things first, take a seat, make yourself comfortable, press play and welcome yourself to Franki.


Valentin Cafuk, Tim Griffel, Luis Waterkamp, Max Barthel, Philipp Weil, Lukas Bergener, Clemens Dembinski, Yunus Ergen, Louis Urban, Anton Jäger, Steffen Grap, Daniel Pannemann, Philipp Oehmige, Johannes Schirrmeister, Deniz Bul, Timo Meiselbach, Rahul Rahman, Nils Hansen, Sascha Scharf, Niklas Stube, Ollie Reinicke, Eric Erhardt, Max Obert, Timo Klein, Kai Hillebrandt, Tom Weimar, Martynas Katauskas, Andrius Kohrs, Tim Thomas, Matthias Ellinger, Kert Hollywood, Luis Kohl.

Photo by Max Barthel

Wie es scheint war Sascha Scharf in den letzten Monaten ziemlich viel unterwegs und ausserordentlich fleißig. Wir starten die Woche also mit diesem frischen Full Part, den Dennis Ludwig sowohl gefilmt als auch geschnitten hat. Dann mal los:

16 Newcomer, 16 Pros, 16 Städte und ein Finale: Darum geht es bei der Red Bull Offsprings Contestserie 2014, die bereits warm gelaufen ist und von der die ersten acht Stopps erfolgreich über die Bühne gegangen sind. Zum Halbzeitpfiff präsentieren wir euch die lokalen Gewinner, die zusammen mit den jeweiligen Pros zum großen Finale nach Köln fahren werden.

Dingolfing: Valentino Bonelli bester Rookie!
Der 19-jährige Valentino Bonelli heizte mit seinen Skills richtig ein – und überzeugte somit auch Local Profi Ben Dillinger: „Dass er den Bs Overkrooked gleich zweimal gestanden hat, ist schon echt krass.“

Dresdens bester Nachwuchsfahrer: Cornelius Rabe
Der gebürtige Dresdner Cornelius Rabe feuerte in der eineinhalb-stündigen Jamsession einen soliden Trick nach dem anderen raus – und überzeugte somit local Host David Raderecht.

Münster: Harry Bulgrin fährt mit Jost Arens zum Finale
18 Rookies lieferten sich im Skatepark Gievenbeck hartes Battle, das am Ende Harry Bulgrin für sich entschied. Jost Arens war begeistert von dem 18-Jährigen: “Harry war total souverän, er kann einfach super viele Tricks!”

Felix Nauta gewinnt in Koblenz
Der 21-jährige Felix Nauta nutzte in seinen Runs den kompletten Park und zeigte an jedem Obstacle satte Tricks. Der Host in Koblenz Pascal Reif blickt optimistisch in Richtung Finale: “Es war ein krasses Niveau hier, wir rocken das Ding in Köln!”
RB Offsprings Koblenz Sieger u Host u Shop

Peter Eich und Fabi Lang für München am Start!

Vollgas statt bayerischer Gemütlichkeit beim Münchner Tourstopp, den der 19-jährige Peter Eich für sich entscheiden konnte. Fabi Lang dazu: “Mit Peter kann ich mich auf jeden Fall in Köln sehen lassen! Ein würdiger Gewinner.”

Braunschweig: Johannes Riedel fährt zum Finale!
Der 19-jährige Braunschweiger setzte sich durch und fährt mit Patrick Rogalski nach Köln. Jonhannes nach der Siegerehrung: “Das war eine super Session! Geile Leute und entspannte Atmosphäre. Ich habe alles gegeben und bin jetzt mega platt.”

Philipp Kesenewski und Stephan Günter für Halle!
In Halle behauptete sich Phillip Kesenewski, der sich dank technischer Skills das Ticket für’s Finale in Köln sichern konnte. Den Sieg kann der Skater aus Halle selbst noch gar nicht richtig fassen: „Das beste Event, das ich bisher miterlebt habe. Ich habe alles gegeben“.
stephan günther red bull offsprings

Team Köln: Sascha Scharpf und Willow
Im Lentpark holte sich der 20-Jährige Sascha Scharpf den wohlverdienten Sieg: Wenige Bails, vielseitige Tricks – und den kompletten Contest-Verlauf ein Grinsen im Gesicht. „War `ne richtig gute Sache mit dem Jam-Format. Hat die Session entspannt und cool gemacht“, so der Wuppertaler, der gemeinsam mit Willow beim Finale am 20.09. in Köln antreten wird.
sascha scharf red bull offsprings
köln red bull offsprings

Kommende Tourstopps:

31.05.2014: Hamburg/IGS Skatearena / Michi von Fintel
31.05.2014: Ravensburg/Skatepark Ravensburg / Sandro Trovato
07.06.2014: Stuttgart/Skatepark Friedhofstr. / Andy Welther
07.06.2014: Bielefeld/Kesselbrink / Vladik Scholz
14.06.2014: Berlin/Skatepark Märkisches Viertel / Denny Pham
14.06.2014: Kiel/Heikendorf / Louis Taubert
21.06.2014: Karlsruhe/Halle Karlsruhe / Fitschi
05.07.2014: Nürnberg/Burggraben Skatepark / Stephan Pöhlmann

Das Finale:
20.09.2014: Köln / North Brigade