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A new video from Valencia/Spain by Roberto Marcelli featuring Lucas Amador, Andrea Minaldo, Alan Ladigan, Marc Diaz, Victor Marin & Javi De Pedro.

A Antix team edit by Dan Schulz featuring Daniel Ledermann, Tabo Löchelt, Franco Simeoni, Sascha Scharf, Tim Janke & Shanke Kotte. All filmed in Berlin with Dan’s VX.

A really nice tour video to a location close to home. Good work by the team manager to reshape the team.

Fun Fact: There is an actual new Willow on the team now!

Martin Sandberg, Ike Fromme, Amiel Kornicki, Sascha Sharf, Kevin Ozcan, and Tim Janke went to Zaragoza and found some really nice terrain for a wear test of the 3st.004. Enjoy!